FAQ: How Far Is Nottingham Town Centre From Centre Parcs?

Is Center Parcs Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire?

Set deep in the historic Nottinghamshire countryside, Sherwood Forest is the original UK village. Centrally located, Center Parcs Sherwood Forest is an accessible drive from all over the UK.

How big is Sherwood Forest Center Parcs?

The first Center Parcs holiday village in the United Kingdom was opened in July 1987. It is located in 400 acres (1.6 km2) of woodland at Sherwood Forest, near Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire.

Is Center Parcs Sherwood Forest Open?

9am – 7pm Monday, Friday and Sunday.

How many lodges does Centre Parcs Sherwood have?

The new accommodation comprises 27 executive lodges – 22 with three bedrooms and five with four bedrooms, featuring hot tubs and saunas – and a six-bedroom Woodland Lodge, the first of its kind across the New Ollerton-headquartered company’s five resorts.

Is there a driving range at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs?

Country Club. Driving Range is no more.

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Are activities free at Center Parcs?

Center Parcs doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday. We have been taking advantages of Center Parcs free activities for years! It’s one of the cheapest holidays we go on because we tend to go off peak. We take advantage of lots of the best things to do at Center Parcs Longleat, Woburn and Elveden that are free!

Can you get into Sherwood Pines from Center Parcs?

Yes you can! I did it, enjoyed the ParkRun. It was about 3 miles from the centre of CP to the centre of Sherwood Pines.

Which UK Centre Parcs is best?

6 Best Centre Parcs in the UK

  • Whinfell Forest, Cumbria. Whinefell Forest Centre Parc is a 400 acre of pine forest and a resort on the edge of the Lake District.
  • Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.
  • Elveden Forest, Suffolk.
  • Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire.
  • Longleat Forest, Wiltshire.
  • Longford Forest, Ireland.

Which Centre Parcs is the cheapest?

In our review of pricing above, Sherwood Fores is your cheapest Center Parcs resort. It ties with Elveden Forest. This may be because the base lodges at Sherwood Forest can be worn, but the facilities here are excellent, making this Center Parc a great choice.

Is Centre Parcs open during lockdown?

All outdoor play areas will be open and indoor play areas will open when we feel it is safe to do so.

Do Centre Parcs do upgrades?

They don’t do offers either and apparently would rather have an empty lodge than discount it. We had a mouse in our lodge once when we went and they couldn’t move us as the on,y other lodges available were an upgrade, instead they sent someone with traps.

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Can guests stay overnight at Centre Parcs?

The Center Parcs visitor pass is a day pass that allows you visit friends and family at any UK Centre Parcs locations from 10 am to midnight. You can participate in any of the activities as if you were an overnight guest.

What is the best accommodation at Centre Parcs?

Top 10 Best Center Parcs

  • Longleat Forest Wiltshire.
  • Sherwood Forest Nottinghamshire.
  • Elveden Forest Suffolk.
  • Whinfell Forest Cumbria.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire.
  • Burnbake Campsite & Forest Lodges, Dorset.
  • Luxury Lodges Glasshouse at Burn Coastal Retreat, Cornwall.
  • European Center Parcs.

Can 2 households stay at Centre Parcs?

Under current government guidelines, we are now, by law, unable to accept bookings of more than 6 people in one lodge. Groups of more than 6 are only able to share the same lodge if they all normally live together or they form a support bubble.

Why is Center Parcs so expensive?

A Center Parcs spokeswoman said its prices vary to reflect demand, though. “Like many other companies in the travel sector, our prices are set according to demand. We have seen a significant increase in bookings and interest in Center Parcs breaks recently.

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