FAQ: How Much Is The Nottingham Workplace Parking Levy?

How much is the parking levy in Nottingham?

The figure is 0.9% (as per November index), which means that the cost per workplace parking place per year for the licensing period 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022 will be £428 for employers who provide 11 or more liable places. The VAT is not payable by employers to Nottingham City Council on the WPL charge.

What is workplace parking levy?

A workplace parking levy (WPL) is a charge made by a local authority on employers for the number of parking spaces provided for employees. All money raised from a WPL must be ring-fenced for investment in local transport improvements.

What is a parking levy?

A Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) is a charge on employers who provide workplace parking, a type of congestion charging scheme that has been introduced in Nottingham. Any parking charges an employer introduces for its employees are, however, subject to VAT.

Is car parking at work a taxable benefit?

The tax rules state there is no income tax liability where parking is provided directly or indirectly by payment/reimbursement and it is defined as workplace parking. Therefore a public car parking space within walking distance of your company’s place of work would be covered.

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What is the congestion levy?

The parking space levy was introduced to reduce traffic congestion by discouraging car use in key Sydney business districts. You may have to pay the annual levy if you own a residential or non-residential off-street parking space located in specific districts.

Can you sell a car space?

Answer: This is a very technical legal process and you would need to check the certificate of title for any restrictions on selling car spaces.

Is car park one or two words?

The single word variation carpark is a secondary spelling variation. The Macquarie dictionary has car park as the header word (the entry) and carpark in that entry as an Also spelling. That is, carpark is a secondary spelling. The Oxford does not list carpark as a spelling.

How do you solve parking problems at work?

Three Proven Solutions to Company Parking Issues

  1. Encourage carpooling. Promote the cost savings and social benefits of sharing rides.
  2. Offer public transportation benefits. People teams don’t need parking when they use public transportation to get to work.
  3. Make it a game.

Should I pay for parking at work?

There is no obligation on an employer to provide parking for their employees. However, all businesses will need to consider the needs of staff in getting to work as part of their workforce planning processes.

Can you claim tax back on parking for work?

Can you claim parking fees as a tax deduction? Yes, work-related parking fees are tax deductible. However, you don’t claim them as a car expense on your tax return. You also claim work-related bridge and road tolls as a travel expense rather than a car expense on your tax return.

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