Often asked: How To Get From Nottingham Train Station To Qmc?

Which Nottingham tram goes to QMC?

The Gregory Street Tram Stop, Lenton station is the nearest one to QMC Tram Stop in Nottingham.

Does Nottingham train station have ticket barriers?

The ticket hall for the railway station opens off the centre of eastern side of the concourse and, in turn, gives access via ticket barriers to a pedestrian overbridge with stairs and lifts down to the railway platforms.

What time does the tram stop running Nottingham?

The trams in Nottingham run until midnight on Monday to Saturday and until 11pm on Sundays, but some residents have reported hearing them rumbling by in the very small hours.

How long is the tram from Hucknall to Nottingham?

Line 1 runs between Toton Lane tram stop and Hucknall, features a total of 33 or 34 tram stops, depending on direction, and has a journey time throughout of 62 minutes.

How many platforms does Nottingham train station have?

Nottingham train station has two island platforms and a single side platform, with a total of seven numbered platform faces.

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Is there a pick up point at Nottingham train station?

Nottingham Train Station Parking Tariff The 30 minute free parking is perfect for picking up and dropping off, as there is quick and easy access to the station through the car park.

How many train stations are in Nottingham?

Revealed: The number of passengers using each of the 29 railway stations in Nottinghamshire. How busy is your station? New figures have revealed that the number of passengers using the different railway stations in Nottinghamshire ranges from eight million passengers a year to just 164.

Can I use my bus pass on the tram in Nottingham?

The Nottingham travel pass works on Nottingham trams only (NOT Sheffield or Blackpool) Also can only be used between 9.30 am and 11.00 pm. If you live in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire and you have a pass relating to this area then you can use this on the tram or bus.

Is Nottingham park and ride free?

Park and ride sites allow you to park for free and take public transport into Nottingham. You now have a choice of park and ride sites with over 4000 spaces, located at easy points around the City.

What time does the tram start in Nottingham?

TRAM Timetable and Stops TRAM light rail timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 00:15 and ends at 00:15. Normal operating days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Choose any of the TRAM light rail stations below to find updated real-time timetables and to see their route map.

What time does the tram start running Wolverhampton?

On Monday to Saturday, there are trams: every 15 minutes between 4.45am and 7am. every 6 to 8 minutes during the day. every 15 minutes between 7pm and 0.45am.

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