Question: How Much Is A Taxi From Nottingham To East Midlands Airport?

How much is a taxi from Nottingham to Heathrow?

What is the price of a taxi from Nottingham to Heathrow Airport? The starting cost of a taxi from Nottingham to Heathrow Airport is £169.00 *, but this might vary according to the date and time of travelling, number of passengers/ amount of luggage, other requirements you might have.

How much is a taxi from East Midlands Airport to East Midlands Parkway?

The quickest way to get from East Midlands Airport (EMA) to East Midlands Parkway is to taxi which costs £14 – £17 and takes 8 min.

Are there taxis at East Midlands Airport?

Arrow Cars is the exclusive Private Hire TAXI partner at East Midlands Airport, the only taxi company able to pick-up and drop-off customers on the terminal front. Their booking office is manned by a team of highly experienced Customer Service Agents, who will assist you with your onward travel.

What is Nottingham airport called?

Nottingham Airport (IATA: NQT, ICAO: EGBN), also known as Nottingham City Airport, is located in Tollerton, Nottinghamshire, England.

Is the Skylink free?

Skylink is a free light rail train that connects all five terminals and is the shortest route to your stop while inside of security.

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Where is the Skylink bus stop at East Midlands airport?

Alternatively, the Nottingham Skylink operates up to every 20 minutes, seven days a week, with a journey time of 55 minutes departing from Broadmarsh Bus Station, just 5 minutes away from Nottingham Train Station. The bus stops directly outside the terminal building at the Airport.

How do I get from East Midlands airport to East Midlands Parkway?

East Midlands Parkway, Long Eaton, Nottingham and Derby stations are all located a short shuttle or taxi ride from the airport. Use the RailLink service from East Midlands Parkway to connect straight to the airport itself. Services run hourly between 9am and 5pm daily and takes around 14 minutes door to door.

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