Quick Answer: How Far Is Bradford From Nottingham?

Is Bradford near Nottingham?

Yes, the driving distance between Bradford to Nottingham is 79 miles. It takes approximately 1h 24m to drive from Bradford to Nottingham.

How far apart are Leeds and Bradford?

Distance between Bradford and Leeds is 5501 KM / 3418.7 miles.

How far is Bradford and London?

The distance between London and Bradford is 173 miles.

Is Leeds a good place to live?

Leeds is a good place to live, especially for students. As it’s home to five universities, you will always see many students around, not only from Leeds but from the UK and abroad, as well as many student events. Another good thing about Leeds is the fact that you can find everything in the city centre.

Where is Bradford in relation to Leeds?

Bradford had a 349,561 population at the 2011 census. It is the second-largest subdivision of the West Yorkshire Built-up Area after Leeds, which is approximately 8.6 miles (14 km) to the east.

Is Bradford a good place to live?

Most of the people living in Bradford would happily agree that for the most, Bradford is a great place to live thanks to its location, diverse culture, famous food, and of course, the super-affordable housing options.

Can I visit London from Bradford?

Can I drive from Bradford to London? Yes! You can drive from Bradford to London.

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Is Bradford poor?

High levels of unemployment and poverty mean Bradford is often dubbed Britain’s most struggling city – can local developers kickstart its revival? Today this Bradford is unrecognisable. A third of adults are out of work; 40% of the city’s wards are in the poorest 20% in Britain.

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