Quick Answer: How Many Bus Stops In Nottingham?

How many buses are there in Nottingham?

Nottingham City Transport (NCT) is the biggest transport operator in Nottingham, with 310 buses providing a comprehensive network of services across the city, 7 days a week. We are an Award Winning bus company and are the only operator to have won UK Bus Operator of the Year a record breaking five times!

What Colour are Nottingham buses?

They were re-branded again later in a generic silver livery, to be used on any route. To replace them, three standard Scania OmniCity vehicles from another route were refurbished, and repainted in to green ‘Nottingham Network’ livery with pink ends to denote the service being part of the pink line.

Is there a tram system in Nottingham?

As well as providing easy access to the city for commuters, the tram also connects key destinations such as Old Market Square, Royal Centre, Nottingham Trent University, the University of Nottingham and the Queen’s Medical Centre. Nottingham’s trams are operated by Nottingham Express Transit (NET).

How do you use the bus in Nottingham?

Single Journeys In the Nottingham Zone: You can pay for a single journey using your smart phone, a Robin Hood Pay as You Go Card, a contactless device (adults) or with cash on the bus (exact fare needed). To pay on your smart phone, download the NCTX Buses app and pay using a debit/credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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How do you travel around Nottingham?

Here’s everything you need to know about getting around Nottingham.

  1. Travelling by tram. Nottingham tram network serves the city centre and many of the outlying suburbs and villages.
  2. Travelling by bus. Nottingham has an extensive bus network, with fast and regular services throughout the city and beyond.
  3. Travelling by bike.

Where does the 77 bus go in London?

77 (London Buses) The first stop of the 77 bus route is Waterloo Station (T) and the last stop is Tooting Station (TT). 77 (Tooting Station) is operational during everyday. Additional information: 77 has 45 stops and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 59 minutes.

Can you use contactless on NCT buses?

With exact cash fares required on all NCT bus routes, contactless offers a cashless way for adults to travel. Boarding is effortless as adults simply tap their contactless bank card or mobile device on the card reader as they board each bus and then take their seat. There’s no need to ask for a ticket.

How long does the tram take Nottingham?

There are 15 tram stops on the branch, and the journey between Toton Lane and Nottingham railway station takes 30 minutes.

Are Nottingham trams 24 7?

The trams in Nottingham run until midnight on Monday to Saturday and until 11pm on Sundays, but some residents have reported hearing them rumbling by in the very small hours.

How many stops does Nottingham tram have?

With the addition of 17.5km of new track and 28 new stops, Nottingham’s tram line is now a network. We have two cross city routes from Toton, Beeston and the QMC to Bulwell and Hucknall and from Clifton and Wil- ford to Phoenix Park.

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