Quick Answer: Where Is The National Express Coach Station In Nottingham?

Where do National Express coaches leave from in Nottingham?

Want to know where your coach is? Use Coach Tracker from your mobile or desktop to track your coach in real-time. All National Express arrivals & departures leave outside the Capital One Building, so please be aware of your service number to avoid missing your coach.

How long is a coach from London to Nottingham?

How long does the bus take from London to Nottingham? On average, the bus takes approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes to get from London to Nottingham. The fastest journey by bus from London to Nottingham is 2 hours and 50 minutes, however, your journey time may vary depending on traffic conditions along the route.

Where do National Express coaches go to?

Our coaches frequently depart to exciting European destinations such as Paris and Brussels for a perfect getaway. Or, if you’re looking for a simple and convenient way to get to the airport for an even bigger break, our transfer services run day or night to all major UK airports.

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How early do National Express coaches arrive?

Aim to arrive at the coach station at least 10 minutes before you’re due to depart – this helps your coach to keep to its scheduled timetable. Make sure you have your ticket to hand and that it is valid for the coach you want to travel on (most importantly, the right time and date!).

Can I buy a National Express ticket on the coach?

Booking at the station You can also book your ticket at one of our coach stations, or even direct from the coach driver on the day of travel. You don’t have to pay a booking fee when you purchase a ticket from a driver.

Are there toilets on National Express?

Yes, all of our coaches have toilet facilities and some of our longer journeys will include comfort breaks at motorway services.

Where does the Megabus stop in Nottingham?

WaterFront House, Station Street.

How long is the train journey from London to Liverpool?

How long does it take to travel from London to Liverpool by train? The average journey time from London to Liverpool takes 2 hours 33 minutes. Journey times may be slightly longer at weekends and on Bank Holidays. Check journey times on your travel dates with our online journey planner or download a timetable.

How far in advance can I book National Express?

How far in advance can I book National Express tickets? National Express tickets go on sale about 15 months in advance, giving travellers plenty of time to organise their trip.

Is national holidays going bust?

The owner of Europe’s largest coach tour operator Shearings Holidays has collapsed into administration. More than 64,000 bookings have been cancelled and around 2,500 jobs lost due to the failure of Specialist Leisure Group (SLG).

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Does National Express run 24 hours?

Our airport transfer services run day and night, with more than 100 services every 24 hours on selected routes – that’s one service every 15 minutes.

Are coach trips safe coronavirus?

Do not travel if you ‘re experiencing any coronavirus symptoms. Government guidance recommends the wearing of a face covering or mask when travelling on public transport. You are expected to wear a face covering in coach stations and on board the coach, unless exempt. You may be refused travel if you fail to do so.

What happens if I miss my connecting coach National Express?

If you miss the booked departure time, you will be required to purchase a new ticket, unless you have our Change & Go add-on which can be chosen when purchasing Airport journeys online.

Can I bring luggage on National Express?

You may take one medium-sized suitcase or rucksack and one small piece of soft hand luggage per person travelling, free of charge. Your one piece of luggage must not exceed 20kg, with maximum dimensions of 70cm x 30cm x 45cm.

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