Quick Answer: Who Owns Clifton Hall Nottingham?

Who owned Clifton in Nottingham?

Sir Gervase de Clifton purchased the manors of Clifton and Wilford from the de Rodes family in the late 13th century. The Clifton family built up a considerable estate in south Nottinghamshire, including the manor of Broughton Sulney [Upper Broughton], and lands in Kinoulton.

Who lived at Clifton?

In the 1950s and 60s, Clifton was home to actor Peter O’Toole, playwrights Tom Stoppard and Peter Nichols and restaurateur Keith Floyd. Future novelists Deborah Moggach and Angela Carter and broadcaster Sue Lawley were amongst other famous names who lived there as students.

Is Clifton a council estate?

The Clifton Council Estate is a sprawling conurbation, which was first considered for residential construction in 1950 by Act of Parliament, and at one time the largest council estate in Europe. Since the 1980s most of the houses have passed from council to private ownership.

When was Clifton Hall built?

The 15th-century pele tower is all that remains of the substantial medieval manor house of Clifton Hall. Demolished in the early19th century to make way for the existing farmhouse, the hall was constructed in the late 14th century by the Engaine family.

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Is Clifton Nottingham safe?

The safest area of Nottingham is Wollaton East and Lenton Abbey, with 53 crimes reported in March 2017. This is followed by Wollaton West (90 crimes), Clifton North (100 crimes), Bulwell Forest (113 crimes) and Leen Valley (116 crimes).

When did Clifton Colliery close?

Clifton Colliery closed in July 1968.

Is Clifton posh?

This week Bristol Live has decided to go posh and visit one of the most affluent parts of the city – Clifton. It contains some of the most beautiful shopping quarters in the city, the best restaurants, quaint pubs, and fascinating boutiques.

Is Clifton a wealthy area?

Clifton is one of the oldest and most affluent areas of the city, much of it having been built with profits from tobacco and the slave trade.

How did Clifton get its name?

English: habitational name from any of numerous places named Clifton, from Old English clif ‘slope’ (see Cliff) + tun ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’.

What is the largest council estate in England?

The Becontree Estate is the biggest council estate in the UK and the most ambitious of the country’s interwar housing estates.

What is the biggest council estate in Europe?

With an area of approximately 11 square miles (28 km2), Wythenshawe was, at one time, the largest council estate in Europe. Wythenshawe includes the estates of Baguley, Benchill, Brooklands, Peel Hall, Newall Green, Woodhouse Park, Moss Nook, Northern Moor, Northenden and Sharston.

How many houses are in Clifton Nottingham?

He divided the Clifton site into distinct neighbourhoods, each with 600 to 1,500 homes, shops, open spaces and primary schools.

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Is disappearance at Clifton Hill scary?

Tuppence Middleton, Hannah Gross and David Cronenberg lead the cast of impressive horror Disappearance At Clifton Hill – here’s our review. One guaranteed shortcut to creepiness is to empty out a place designed to be bustling with people.

What is Clifton Hall?

The manor house, known as Clifton Hall is situated on the right bank of the River Trent in the village of Clifton, Nottinghamshire, (grid reference SK54043483). The Hall is a 13,946 square feet (1,295.6 m2) Grade I listed building, and is situated within the Clifton Village Conservation Area.

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