Quick Answer: Who Owns Nottingham Trams?

Do Nottingham trams make money?

According to the accounts Tramlink did make an overall gross profit of £15.2m, a rise from £13.3m in 2017. A Tramlink Nottingham spokesman confirmed the company had made improvements in passenger numbers, passenger miles – 117.2m for 2018 – and profitability.

When did Nottingham trams start?

All of NET’s trams are powered at 750 volts DC through these overhead wires – that’s more than three times your home’s main voltage.

Has Nottingham got a tram?

As well as providing easy access to the city for commuters, the tram also connects key destinations such as Old Market Square, Royal Centre, Nottingham Trent University, the University of Nottingham and the Queen’s Medical Centre. Nottingham’s trams are operated by Nottingham Express Transit (NET).

How many stops does Nottingham tram have?

With the addition of 17.5km of new track and 28 new stops, Nottingham’s tram line is now a network. We have two cross city routes from Toton, Beeston and the QMC to Bulwell and Hucknall and from Clifton and Wil- ford to Phoenix Park.

How much do trams cost to build?

The final price tag of the light rail is $2.96 billion — more than $1.3 billion over its initial cost.

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Can you drive on a tram line?

You MUST NOT enter a road, lane or other route reserved for trams. Take extra care where trams run along the road. You should avoid driving directly on top of the rails and should take care where trams leave the main carriageway to enter the reserved route, to ensure you do not follow them.

Are Nottingham trams Electric?

Electric trams were introduced from 1901, and the last horse tram ran in 1902. The tram network in Nottingham was replaced between 1926 and 1936 by a combination of the Nottingham trolleybus system and a fleet of motor buses.

Can cars drive on tram tracks?

Tracks and Tramlines Rule 302: Parking or driving in tram tracks is dangerous. Tram drivers cannot steer around an obstruction. You should not stop on any part of a tramline, except in a designated bay. You MUST NOT park a vehicle where it would get in the way of trams or where it would force other drivers to do so.

Do Nottingham trams run all night?

The trams in Nottingham run until midnight on Monday to Saturday and until 11pm on Sundays, but some residents have reported hearing them rumbling by in the very small hours.

Are Nottingham trams running New Year’s Day?

New Year’s Day will enjoy a full Sunday service with trams every 10 minutes, and full services will resume on January 2. During the holiday, tram travel is also great value with a £5 Group Ticket available all day, everyday between December 24 and January 4.

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