What Is Bulwell Nottingham Like?

Is Bulwell Nottingham nice?

There are decent areas and nice houses in bulwell, but of course there are the grottier areas with the council estates which you’d do well to avoid, highbury vale is a pretty decent area to live, or even basford. Don’t mind Bulwell, lived there a few years ago and never had any trouble.

Is Bulwell a good place to live?

Other places with a high crime rate include Radford (3,785 incidents) Hucknall (3,744) Bulwell (3,598) and Clifton (3,334). Despite its past reputation, The Meadows is one of the safest places to live, with 1,677 recorded incidents.

What is Bulwell famous for?

Bulwell Bogs The centre of Bulwell is located in a valley next to the banks of the River Leen. The Bog area beside the Leen, known for over 900 years as “Bulwell Bogs”, has long been set aside as a place where children can play, paddle and fish.

Is Nottingham safe at night?

Nottingham has been accredited as a ‘Purple Flag’ city for the eighth consecutive year, meaning it has been formally recognised as a safe place for a night out.

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Why is Nottingham so poor?

The city’s tight boundaries is cited as the other main reason behind Nottingham’s poor performance in the ranking. It means many of the suburbs and more affluent areas like West Bridgford and Beeston, where people have more money to spend, are not included in the city figures.

What are the worst areas in Nottingham?

Of the 20 wards in Nottingham, Bridge statistically is the worst for crime, with 742 crimes reported in March 2017 alone. The second highest crime area is St Ann’s, with 482 crimes reported. Arboretum, Radford and Park, and Berridge follow St Ann’s, respectively.

Is Nottingham posh?

Anywhere south of the river or rushcliffe can be considered posh, very affluent area with high achieving schools, and Nottingham Forest based there. Nottingham itself the defiantly the Park is posh. Mapperley Park, The Park, Edwalton, Wollaton, West & East Bridgford. Lots of the little villages around Nottinghamshire.

Is Nottingham safe?

Nottingham is the most dangerous major city in Nottinghamshire, and is among the top 20 most dangerous overall out of Nottinghamshire’s 245 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Nottingham in 2020 was 108 crimes per 1,000 people.

What food is Nottingham famous for?

Nottinghamshire is renowned for Stilton cheese, pork pies and Bramley apples.

What makes Nottingham special?

Nottingham has links to the legend of Robin Hood and to the lace-making, bicycle (notably Raleigh bikes), and tobacco industries. Nottingham is a tourist destination; in 2018, the city received the second-highest number of overnight visitors in the Midlands and the highest number in the East Midlands.

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What product is Nottingham famous for?

18. Boots the Chemist was founded in Nottingham by the famous Jesse Boot. Their most popular product was called Boots No Name Ointment.

What shops are in Bulwell?

Shops near Bulwell

  • Emerald Spice. New Age and Ethnic Shops.
  • JJ Shoe World. Shoe Shops.
  • Headway Charity Shop. Charity Shops.
  • Greetings. Greeting Card Shops.
  • Marie Curie. Charity Shops.
  • Lighthouse Charity Shop. Charity Shops.
  • The Extra Care Charity Shop. Charity Shops.
  • Shoe Zone. Shoe Shops.

Is Hucknall a nice place to live?

Hucknall is a large town with its own good and bad areas – it has a mixed reputation but on the whole I can think of far worse places to live in Nottingham. Linby is close by (if you can afford it!) is a very pretty village but to be honest houses do not come up for sale very often.

What is Bulwell Stone?

The Bulwell Stone is impure, coarse grained and flaggy and. was used extensively in the past as a local building stone. Many front. garden and other walls in the Nottingham area were built of this stone. Records show that in the 19th century there were seven quarries.

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