Where Is Ng17 In Nottingham?

Which area is NG17?

The NG17 postcode area is located in the Nottingham postcode town region, within the county of Nottinghamshire, and contains a total of 1879 individual postcodes.

What area does NG22 cover?

The NG22 postcode area is located in the Nottingham postcode town region, within the county of Nottinghamshire, and contains a total of 948 individual postcodes.

What county is Sutton in Ashfield?

Sutton-in-Ashfield | Nottinghamshire County Council.

What area is NG10?

The NG10 postcode area is located in the Nottingham postcode town region, within the county of Derbyshire, and contains a total of 1288 individual postcodes.

What is huthwaite?

Huthwaite is a village in Nottinghamshire, England, located to the west of Mansfield, close to the Derbyshire boundary. It is in the Huthwaite and Brierley ward of Ashfield District Council.

What is Ashfield postcode?

The PE postcode area, also known as the Peterborough postcode area, is a group of 38 postcode districts in eastern England, which are subdivisions of 18 post towns. These cover most of Cambridgeshire (including Peterborough, Huntingdon, Chatteris, St.

Where is s postcode?

These cover most of South Yorkshire (post towns Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Mexborough), parts of north Derbyshire (post towns Chesterfield, Dronfield and the Hope Valley) and north-west Nottinghamshire (post town Worksop).

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Where is NG13?

NG13 is located in the county of Leicestershire, in England. Leicestershire has a total population of 1,031,300, making it the 21st largest county in the UK. Leicestershire has a total area of 832 square miles, and a population density of 478 people per square kilometre.

Is Sutton-in-Ashfield a safe place to live?

In both Warsop and Ashfield Rural, the most widely reported incidents were anti-social behaviour – with 472 and 531 incidents reported respectively. The area with the most recorded incidents across Mansfield and Ashfield was Sutton-in-Ashfield, where 6,815 crimes were reported in the 12-month period.

What is Ashfield famous for?

Sutton-in-Ashfield is home to what was the largest sundial in Europe. It is located in the middle of Portland Square, adjacent to the Idlewells Shopping Centre and Sutton Community Academy. The sundial was unveiled on 29 April 1995.

What areas are in Ashfield?

There are three towns in the district; Sutton-in-Ashfield, Kirkby-in-Ashfield and Hucknall. The largest being Sutton-in-Ashfield. Towns and villages in the district include the following: Annesley.

Is Long Eaton a nice place to live?

“Long Eaton offers a peaceful market town setting just a short distance from the East Midlands’ largest cities. This makes it an extremely popular place to live, both with commuters and families. With demand high, it is also a shrewd place to invest, as landlords stand to enjoy an excellent return.

Is Long Eaton classed as Nottingham?

Geography. Long Eaton is located in Derbyshire, forming part of the border with Nottinghamshire and very close to Leicestershire. The town is covered by the Nottingham post town and has a Nottingham telephone area code (0115).

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Is Sandiacre in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire?

Seven miles west of Nottingham and nine miles east of Derby, Sandiacre is part of the Greater Nottingham urban area. Being on the western side of the River Erewash from Stapleford in Nottinghamshire, it is part of the county Derbyshire.

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